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WEB, SEO, SMM, and Publishing

The company “Inter Business Center” develops and implements printing projects. You can order editing and publishing preparation of materials for printing. We also create layouts and print business cards, booklets, calendars.

Among our business promotion services are

  • Preparation of presentations
  • Feasibility study of projects
  • Website development and redesign with subsequent SEO optimization
  • Creating an image in social networks
  • Filling sites with useful thematic materials (photos, videos, articles)

Before starting work and at any stage, you receive detailed consultations and full informational support.

One of IBC’s projects is publication models for the popular science publication History of Money and Finance. To collect and correctly present the information, we engaged a third-party researcher with a degree in history. A series of articles tells about the development history of money and monetary relations since their inception (3 thousand years before our era). The evolution path of the financial system to the present is considered. A separate chapter is devoted to monetary relations in Belarusian lands. The formation stages of the financial environment are described, starting with the principalities of the 9th century and ending with the advent of the modern banking system in the 20th century.

The scientifically popular edition “Hotel – Integrated Management System” details technologies and technical and software solutions for the creation of a modern integrated hotel management system, which is a platform for building effective management.