Tender for the cooling system

CJSC "Interbusinesscenter" announces a tender for the supply and installation of an autonomous split system to maintain a comfortable temperature of 18-22˚C in the summer in a block of office premises with a total area of 250 sq. m., consisting of 10 rooms

Technical requirements for the split system:

  • Designed to maintain the microclimate in the block of rooms – the layout of the rooms, the block is located on the fourth floor of a five-storey building;
  • The possibility of various options for the placement of the external unit (structure and pictures of the building), depending on the dimensions, weights, communication systems with indoor units;
  • Must provide air conditioning of rooms with a total area of up to 250 m2;
  • Must work in the "cooling-heating" mode;
  • The presence of the dehumidification function of the indoor unit;
  • The noise level of the indoor unit of the air conditioner is not more than – 21 dB;
  • Condensate drain from the indoor unit – what options are offered.

In the tender offer, please specify:

  • Model, manufacturer, detailed description of the split system, certificates;
  • The cost of equipment, design and installation services;
  • Qualification, work experience, warranty obligations of the supplier;
  • Design, delivery and installation period;
  • Requirements for the placement and power supply of external and internal units;
  • Other features of the split system.

Suggestions should be sent to:

220036 Minsk, R.Luxemburg str., 95 office 218
E: info@ibc.by
M: +375 29 650 27 60 and/or +375 29 160 57 98
Nikolay Novik - Director