Investment consulting

IBC provides professional advice to enterprises and investors. We help you to choose the most profitable investment schemes for you with minimal risks. We also develop capital raising strategies for the development of current activities or the implementation of new projects.

Among our services is assistance in the creation and development of hospitality facilities. We lead you through all stages from the formation of an idea, conceptual design, to commissioning. We take on the organization of management.

To attract Belarusian and foreign investors, we will prepare for your business:

  • Justification of profitability;
  • Optimal financing schemes;
  • Capitalization forecast based on current financial flows;
  • Model and terms of payments;
  • Analysis of project sensitivity to changes in key economic indicators.

You will receive recommendations on improving financing for new and existing hospitality facilities. In the report we consider all options:

  • Collateral lending;
  • Project financing;
  • The attraction of borrowed capital;
  • Increase the authorized capital;
  • Change in the existing capital structure;
  • Organization of bond issuance;
  • Bill programs.