Sale of the production module

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The building is well suited for the production of machinery, equipment, metal working, etc. and can also be used for storage needs, wholesale and retail trade of building materials, goods agricultural purposes, the creation of industrial and logistics center, etc.

Borisov, Minsk region, 60 km east of Minsk, population over 140,000, a major industrial center.

Prospective project for the organization of production or trade and logistics center (TLC)

There are convenient communications to international road, rail and air hubs, namely:

  • Railroad. The territory of the TLC is adjacent to the existing non-public railway line with access to the Pan-European transport corridor No. 2: Moscow - Minsk - Warsaw - Berlin. The nearest hubs railway stations with the necessary infrastructure:
    • Borisov, code - 141406, distance to station - 5 km
    • Zhodino, code - 141302, distance to station - 12 km
  • Automobile traffic. There is an autonomous vehicular access to the land and building from the side of the bypass road (ul. Brilevskaya) of Borisov, the area of electric substation PS "Borisov-North" 110/35/10 kV, with exits to the international The international freeway M1/E30 - Moscow - Minsk - Warsaw - Berlin, important local roads R67 - Gomel, Bobruisk, Berezino, R59 - Zhodino, Smolevichi, Minsk.
  • Air traffic. National Airport "Minsk" - 60 km.

Functional Features

Feature Value
Building volume21186 m³
External area2554,0 m²
Total floor area2487,4 m²
Standardized area2487,4 m²
Length of the building103,82 m
Building width24,07 m
Height of the building along the center10,07 m
Height of the building on the walls8,87 m
Wallsmetal panels with insulation, silicate brick
Roofmetal panels with insulation
Floorsasphalt concrete
Windowsmetal products
Doors, gatesmetal products
Cable beam crane with carryingcapacity 10 tons
A branch railwayat the site, with a dead end

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CJSC "Interbusiness Center"
220036 Minsk, R. Luxemburg St., 95
M: +375 29 650-27-60