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Analysis, marketing, operational support of business

IBC works in the areas of:

  • Support and investment of regional projects
  • International trade (with the attraction of foreign capital)
  • Private activity (creation of programs for investing financial resources)

In each area, we have experienced business partners who are ready to provide qualified advice. For our customers, we carry out:

  • Market research in Belarus, the CIS, and Europe with recommendations to investors, developers and suppliers
  • A detailed analysis of the working or planned business with the preparation of possible development schemes and marketing strategies
  • Assessment of supply and demand in the selected niche with the definition of the target audience
  • Economic and legal advice (or full support) before starting a business for Belarusian and foreign companies
  • Development of strategies and opportunities for firms, taking into account the legislation and market environment of Belarus

As a result, our customers get ready-made solutions for different situations, support from several partner organizations, new business contacts. The new business development plan also includes models for overcoming difficult situations, development and promotion tools, channels for establishing sales of products or attracting customers.